Defender of life, liberty and property!

Karen is the founder of First Principles NH, an organization which promotes those truths that are self-evident upon which the state and nation were founded. As a strong supporter of the Constitution of the United States, she has been at the forefront in the fight for life and marriage in the State of New Hampshire. As a woman, she believes that life is precious and should be nurtured not destroyed, no matter what the reason. As a lifetime member of the Gun Owners of New Hampshire, she fully supports our Second Amendment right and responsibility to keep and bear arms.

Karen is also the founder and former Executive Director of NH’s Family Policy Council and the National Heritage Center for Constitutional Studies. She remains active with several other organizations such as Coalition of NH Taxpayers, Faith Based Action Network, Concerned Women for America, The New Hampshire Alliance, NH Firearms Coalition, All Stints Anglican Church, NH Right to Life, and the Abstinence Advisory Committee of Health and Human Services.